Teaching Music through Technology

The following is a collection of handouts, presentation slides, and other materials prepared for various presentation by the team of Peter Webster and David Williams.  You are welcome to use these materials; please maintain credits and copyrights for our work.  All materials are available on an as-is basis.  All of the PDFs should load successfully.  However, be aware that the older the handouts, the greater the likelihood that there will be broken links within the slides or handouts.

ATMI/CMS Conference Presentations by Peter R. Webster and David Brian Williams

  • Long Beach CMS/ATMI 2022:  Profiles in Collaboration: Creating a Music Technology Textbook At Distance (Handout)
  • ISME 2022 World Conference:  Music Education Technology Resources for Visible Voices.  Slides from Poster Presentation.
  • CMS/ATMI Virtual 2020: Reflections on Thirty-Five Years of ATMI Presentations and Trends Toward Equity of Technology Access for Diverse Music Experiences in Education. Handout and Video Script
  • Vancouver BC 2018: Creative Applications of Music Technology in College Teachers:  ( Handout and Slides )
  • Santa Fe 2016:  Pre-Conference Keynote: Technology's Role in Achieving Creativity, Diversity, and Integration 
in the Undergraduate Music Curriculum ( Slides & Handout )
  • Indianapolis 2015 Music Technology Competencies: An International Perspective: Continuation of Multi-year Study (PDF of Slides) Status of Online Collegiate Textbooks for Music Teaching and Learning (PDF of Slides)
  • St. Louis 2014:  Defining Undergraduate music technology competencies and strategies for learning: A Fourth-year Follow-up with Exemplars.  (PDF of slides)
  • Cambridge 2013: Defining Undergraduate music technology competencies and strategies for learning:  A Third-year Progress Report. ( PDF of slides )
  • San Diego 2012:  Refining a National Survey on Music Technology Competencies: Active Ways to Engage Students.   ( PDF of slides )
  • Richmond 2011: Music Technology Skills and Conceptual Understanding for Undergraduate Music Students: National Survey ( PDF of slides )
  • Minneapolis 2010:   Integrating eBooks, Tables and iPads, and Smart Boards into the Music Classroom (CMS PreConference PowerPoint Slides and Handout) Can We Abandon Print Resources in the Music Classroom?  The Potential for eBooks, eTextbooks, eScores, and Other Online Research Resources in Music Academe ( PowerPoint Slides and Handout) eMusic Readers Comparison Table ( Handout )
  • Portland 2009: Advances in Technology: Impact on Music Teaching and Learning. ( Handout and Slides )
  • Atlanta 2008:  Designing Music Technology Modules As A Supplement to Traditional Music Classes ( Slides )
  • Salt Lake City 2007: Social Computing and Music Teaching and Learning: Roots, Realities, and Reasoned Speculation ( Slides )
  • San Antonio 2006: A Distance Education Triptych, Slides Part 1 and Part 2 and the session Handout
  • Quebec City 2005: The Underware: Strategies for Enabling Student-Constructed Learning in Music Technology Courses ( Handout ); Williams' Notation Rubric and Hands-on-Quiz for Operating System Skills
  • Miami 2003: 20 Years of MIDI:  Keynote (PDFs) for Session 1 and Session 2; MIDI Timeline; Big Picture Chart.
  • Kansas City 2002: Music Computing Goes Mobile:  Handout, Session 1, and Session 2 Keynotes (PDFs).
  • Santa Fe 2001: Creating Music Technology Courses (PDFs):  Music Technology Textbooks Survey, Music Technology Courses Survey, Session 1 Survey Matrix, Session 2 Matrix, Keynote Slides (PDFs) Session 1 and Session 2
  • Toronto 2000: Getting Started Using Music Technology: Entry Points Across the College Music Curriculum ( Handout )
  • Denver 1999: Technology Tools for Web Teaching: Handout and Matrix

NASM Workshops by Peter R Webster and David Brian Williams

  • Chicago 2006: Current Developments in Music Technology: Technology and the College Music Curriculum ( Handout )
  • Chicago 1999: Design of Computer Music Lab Facilities ( Handout )
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