Teaching Music through Technology

The following is a collection of handouts, presentation slides, and other materials prepared for various presentation.  You are welcome to use these materials; please maintain credits and copyrights for our work.  All materials are available on an as-is basis.  All of the PDFs should load successfully.  However, be aware that the older the handouts, the greater the likelihood that there will be broken links within the slides or handouts.

ATMI/CMS Conference Presentations by Peter R. Webster and David Brian Williams

NASM Workshops

  • Chicago 2006: Current Developments in Music Technology: Technology and the College Music Curriculum
  • Chicago 1999: Music Lab FAQ

Slide Presentation on EMT 4th Edition

For background on the recent 4th edition of Experiencing Music Technology view the slides from Dave and Peter's poster presentation for the 2022 ISME Conference.

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